Share Resources

Tourism companies and tourist destinations can partner to share resources and implement cost-effective programs to humanely control stray cat and dog populations and educate communities.

Be Socially Responsible

Add animal welfare to corporate/community social responsibility programs or initiatives.

Make Policies

Implement a company-wide animal welfare policy.

Partner Up

Partner with a local animal welfare/rescue organization to support their efforts. Click below for a list of organizations that work with tourism companies and tourists.

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Raise Awareness

Make customers aware that you care about animals by including your support for animal welfare programs in your marketing and media materials.

Involve Your Staff

Let your employees know that your business/destination supports the humane treatment of animals and ask for their help in your initiatives, i.e., donating, volunteering, raising awareness, etc. Involving employees improves morale and gives them pride in their organization.

Involve Your Customers

Create collateral materials to share with tourists about what they can do if they encounter a stray cat or dog, working animals in distress, or the improper use or neglect of animals at animal attraction.

Educate Employees

Educate your onsite employees about what to do if a tourist comes to them asking for help with a stray. Make local animal rescue organization information available to all employees.

Ask Your Vendors

Ask your vendors to support your initiatives by donating supplies, services, volunteers, and cash contributions.

Get More Information

Contact me for more information and help to set up a customized program for your business or your community.

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Reward Yourself

Give yourself a huge pat on the back for caring enough to make a difference!