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Recently, a nationally representative survey of U.S. and Canadian tourists reported that 34% of tourists were upset by seeing stray cats and dogs during their vacation while a whopping 41% of tourists surveyed were less likely to return to tourist destinations where there are strays present. And 7% of tourists refuse to visit vacation spots where there are strays.

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Humane Advisor and the international animal welfare and responsible tourism organization, Turismo Responsable Fundación FAADA, are bringing this information to travel professionals who care about their clients’ vacation experiences and asking them to sign a letter addressed to local tourism bureaus at the travel destinations where strays are common to: 1) present these customer concerns and 2) ask for their help in humanely caring for these stray animals.

The letter (below) asks the tourism bureaus to take action by partnering with local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and starting ongoing sterilization programs immediately. To show your support and add your e-signature to the letter.

Travel Professionals for Strays


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