There’s No Place Like St. John for the Holidays AND for Saving Cats and Dogs


It’s that time of year. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and the snow boots are lined up by the door. Sigh. Snow and winter are fun at first, but ultimately, like that obnoxious cousin (you know the one!) at holiday get-togethers, they become annoying much too fast.

ACC LogoSo Ms. Humane Advisor recommends that in between trips to the mall and egg nog toddies, you grab your iPad and go online to plan a winter getaway to the beaches of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not only will you find sun, fun, and relaxation but you can also get to know the rescued island cats and dogs at the Animal Care Center of St. John and the amazing staff and volunteers who care for them.

Just Another Day in Paradise


A short ferry ride away from St. Thomas, St. John is an island filled with beautiful beaches and friendly people. Like many other Caribbean vacation spots, there is also an abundance of stray cats and dogs. Lucky for these strays and any lost island pets, Ryan Moore and the Animal Care Center of St. John are on the job.

Ryan Moore with pups

ACC Shelter Manager Ryan Moore with a few friends!

Supported by dedicated board members and amazing volunteers, Ryan and the Animal Care Center of St. John provide shelter and care for strays plus find many of them new homes, reunite lost pets with their families, offer spay and neuter services, educate the community about caring for pets, AND operate a trap/spay/neuter/release program for the island’s feral cats. The Animal Care Center of St. John also has 30 feeding stations at locations around the island where the cats are given food and water daily by volunteers. And, thanks to the Animal Care Center’s hard work and a 2-year grant from PetSmart Charities, hundreds of these cats have been sterilized to control the feral population.


Pack Your Hiking Shoes and Grab a Dog!

Peaches is looking for a good home!

Yup, those long lazy days on St. John beaches rubbing suntan lotion on your mate’s back or having a Dirty Monkey at Chateau Bordeaux are pure bliss. But there are a few of us who get a little restless after so much leisure time and want to venture out to experience something different.

Boy,, does the Animal Care Center of St. John have a vacation outing for folks like me! Tourists, especially animal-loving tourists, who are interested in enjoying a very unique St. John experience are encouraged to visit the shelter, play with the pets, and join the Animal Care Center’s shelter dogs on a weekly hike. It’s their Voluntourism program!

If you decide (good choice btw!) that St. John is your next vacation stop, check with the Animal Care Center about their volunteer opportunities and hiking schedule during the time you will be there. It could change your vacation and your life.

Dog with head out of door

The Welcoming Committee!



Party Like a Rock Star for the ACC!

Winter Gala

2014 Winter Gala

Hall and Oates Costume

“Say it isn’t so!”

The Animal Care Center of St. John stays “in tune” with the local community, ex-pats, and tourists through exciting events during the year that benefit the Center including flea markets, bake sales, a holiday open house, and in January 2014, a fun-filled Winter Gala. The theme for the Gala is “Party Like a Rock Star!” where guests are encouraged to dress like their favorite rock stars. Not only will the best St. John version of Hall & Oates, Rihanna, Bob Marley, or Bruce Springsteen win a prize but rocking your inner Lady Gaga will benefit the Animal Care Center!

The Top Five Ways YOU Can Help Cats and Dogs in St. John’s

 ACC St John

Fun events like the Winter Gala help keep the cats and dogs at the Animal Care Center in kibble but there’s always room for more donations and support. So here’s Ms. Humane Advisor’s “Top 5″ ways that you can help the Animal Care Center of St. John keep on doing their good work and saving even more cats and dogs.

5.         LIKE their Facebook page and share on your social media

4.         Visit St. John and volunteer at the ACC

3.         Sponsor or adopt an ACC pet

2.         Donate money or ACC wish list items

1.         Become a member of the ACC

For more information on how you can get involved, check out the Animal Care Center of St. John’s website.

ACC Cats

Thanks for helping us!


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