Most tourist destinations don’t have the resources to help animals in their communities

There are no government resources for these communities to help or large animal rescue organizations with big budgets like in the U.S. and Canada. Most local animal rescue organizations rely only on donations to do their work. Only tourism can save the stray cats and dogs, working animals, and captive animals used in tourist attractions at international tourist destinations.

Tourism is Their Only Hope!

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Meet Ms. Humane Advisor

Humane Advisor Diana Webster works with the tourism industry–tourism companies, tourist destinations, and tourists–to save animals at tourist destinations by raising awareness, creating programs to help, and supporting local organizations.

She is a Los Angeles-based writer, attorney, and business professional with over twenty years of experience in the travel industry. After a life-changing encounter in 2006, with a stray dog while on vacation in Mexico, she began working to find a solution for the problem of strays at tourist destinations.

For more information, contact her at: diana@humaneadvisor.com.

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Have you had an experience with a stray cat or dog while on vacation that you just can’t forget? Please take a minute to share your story here. You can be part of saving the lives of millions of stray cats and dogs.

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"Please share these tips and help save dogs like me and my puppies!! " Corales